GradFest 2016 Team

QMUL GradFest 2016 is brought to you by the following PhD students: Ali Alzahrani , Michael Cole, Anaelle Dumas, Ana Catarina Laly Águedo, Alexander Vasilyev,  Lucie Glasheen, Hannah Thompson, Samuel Miles, Heather Fitzke and Giuditta Trinci.

Ali Alzahrani picture

My name is Ali Alzahrani and I’m a second-year international PhD student at the Dental Physical Sciences Unit. My background is Dental Technology (manufacturing of dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, dentures etc..). My current project is related to synthesis and development of Glass-Ceramics for dental applications, funded by the Saudi ministry of education. Being a student at Queen Mary University gave me the opportunity to get involved with the cutting edge dental materials research taking place within QM’s excellent facilities. I have also had the opportunity to present my work at national and international conferences held in the UK , Japan, and Thailand. From my PhD experience so far I gained the confidence and inclination to question all that is around me and to seek out new ways of achieving my goals . I got involved in the QMUL Grad Fest this year after witnessing the great out come of the 1st Grad Fest organised in 2015.


My name is Michael Cole, and I am a 2nd year PhD student in the School of Mathematical Sciences. My research concerns the maths behind general relativity, in particular the ways in which rotating black hole spacetimes can be characterised. Away from the blackboard, I enjoy climbing and exploring London on my bike. I hope that Grad Fest will give PhD students the opportunity to interact with people from across the university that they would not otherwise see.

A Dumas

My name is Anaelle Dumas and I am a first year PhD student at Bart’s Cancer Institute. My project aims at defining the regulatory role of microglia cells in inflammatory response. I was born in Paris but spent most of my schooling in London. When I am not working in the Lab, I love to boulder and I cycle everywhere.

Ana Laly picture
Hi! My name is Ana and I’m a first year PhD student at Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research (Blizard Institute). I graduated back in my home town Porto (Portugal) in Bioengineering and now my project is focused on looking at the mechanotransduction of skin cells, mainly in trying to understand how the cytoskeleton regulates the ability of cells to sense the environment. Other than studying, I’ve always been involved in lots of different activities like traditional music groups as well as volunteering. I see the Graduate Festival 2016 as the next opportunity to help me and other PhD students integrate here in London, meeting people, sharing skills and most of all having fun!

Sam Miles prof pic 2My name is Sam Miles (Twitter: @sammiles87) and I’m a second year ESRC-funded PhD student in the Geography Department. I got involved in the QMUL Grad Fest because I’m the elected Post-Graduate Research Rep for Queen Mary Students’ Union, and I think any project run by PhD students as volunteers deserves our support! It’s turned out to be a great way of getting experience in conference organising. My PhD explores how locative digital media – that is, GPS-enabled apps on your smartphone like Grindr or Tinder – change ideas of space and place for gay men living in London. How does new technology overlay physical space to make a hybrid terrain? Outside of the digital world, I teach Queen Mary Geography undergraduates and tutor in local schools for the Brilliant Club.




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