How can we save our rivers?

sunset Mayesbrook(Image credit: Mayesbrook Park by Anderson Abel de Souza Machado)

  • Thursday 11th June 2015, 9.15am-5.30pm
  • Geography 220, Mile End Campus and Mayesbrook Park
  • Please register here
  • Organised by Alexander Lumsdon; Amra Kujudzic; Anderson Abel de Souza Machado; Emilio Politti; Giuditta Trinci; James Vincent Holloway; Tesfaye Haimanot Tarekeng and Umesh Singh.

Water management is essential for the development and well-being of human populations. However, maintaining environmental quality and natural goods and services is challenging when there are so many competing and often conflicting demands on our water resources.  The world needs innovative approaches and technologies from across all disciplines to safeguard the future, when current practices and historical legacy are often counterproductive.

Join us to hear about the issues from experts and visit a real river restoration site.  Share with us ideas from your own scientific community which could influence better, more sustainable water management practices, conservation and restoration.

This event will provide you with training and opportunity for discussion on how we can address current challenges in the protection of water ecosystem services, not to mention the chance to meet professionals working in the field.

There will be a morning of multidisciplinary presentations and group activities hosted by experts from science, NGOs and private companies on how aquatic environments function and the services they provide.  In the afternoon, we’ll have a guided tour of the inspiring Mayesbrook Park stream restoration in east London, given by professionals involved in the project.

Attending this workshop will give you the chance to talk informally with professionals from research, state and private institutions as well as your peers across the University of London, and to learn and think critically about water management in your own community.

Workshop timetable: June 11th 2015

Time Activity Place
9:15- 9:30 Welcome reception (Coffee and tea provided) Common Social Room Geography building, QMUL
9:30- 10:00 SMART introduction to water system functioning and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Room 220       Geography building, QMUL
10:00- 10:20 Coffee break (Coffee, tea and snacks provided) Common Social Room Geography building, QMUL
10:25- 11:40 Di Hammond (Affinity Water): Water systems resilience and sustainable management Room 220       Geography building, QMUL
11:40- 11:50 Comfort break Free
11:50- 12:30 Prof. Geraldene Wharton (QMUL): Talk on river restoration (short introduction to Mayesbrook Park scheme) Room 220       Geography building, QMUL
12:30- 13:30 Lunch break – Networking opportunity Common Social Room Geography building, QMUL
13:30- 16:30 Guided field trip to a restored environment Mayesbrook Park
16:30- 17:30 Closing activity: Help us to design river restoration! Mayesbrook Park