Film Screening

filmCome and watch a screening of ‘Here is Always Somewhere Else‘ a documentary film by the Dutch filmmaker Rene Daalder.

The film follows the disappearance of Bas Jan Ader, his friend and fellow countryman who worked as a conceptual artist in California, who in 1975 set sail on a fourteen foot boat back to the Netherlands from the USA. He never made it to Europe, although his boat washed up on the west coast of Ireland some months later.

The documentary focuses on the sorry aftermath of his disappearance and we witness interviews with family and friends of Jan Ader, but it also highlights the various media that Jan Ader’s works operate in; ostensibly the major body of his work is film, but the subjects these films attempt to capture is always elusive and ranges from gravity itself to his own his visceral emotions.

Rene Daaler is a renowned visual effects technician and producer, as well as director of several feature films

This will be followed by a Q&A on the film.

Watch the trailer here.