Getting started with Statistics and SPSS

Tuesday 21st February

9:30-11:30 – GradCentre 2.01

Still having nightmares about Maths tests from Secondary school? Do you need to produce a quantitative analysis of your data but you detest numbers? Don’t worry, this workshop is here for you. And it’s going to be fun!


This is a computer led workshop for students who have very little or no prior knowledge in Statistics and are complete beginners to SPSS. The workshop will follow a step by step guide to getting started with Statistics and SPSS and will cover the following topics:

  • Basic statistical concepts
  • SPSS at glance
  • Data entry
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Graphing Data
  • Data Manipulation

My goal is for you to leave this workshop with a basic theoretical knowledge of Statistics and SPSS, as well some more hands-on experience of using basic Stats.

Please ensure you bring your own laptop with SPSS already installed – for information on how to download SPSS (free for QMUL students) please click on the following link

To book a place to attend please click here: 


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