Adding solutions, solving crimes: the reality behind Numb3rs (TV series)

Friday 24 February, 14:00-16:00
GC601, Graduate Centre

An insight on mathematics and law from the famous TV series Numb3rs.

We use mathematics every day, to find the weather forecast, measure time… and we can use it also to analyse crime, find patterns and predict behaviours. This is a participative workshop where you are going to find the answer to these questions: Can mathematics help to solve a crime? How could law and mathematics be linked? Join us and feel like a detective analysing crime through the series Numb3rs.

Speakers: Diego Millan Berdasco (QMUL) and Maria Pilar Loredo (ICASAL, USAL)

Diego Millan Berdasco is a mathematics PhD student at Queen Mary University of London.

Maria Pilar Loredo is a law graduate specialised in criminal law collaborating with the Juridical Clinic for Social Action at Salamanca University (USAL) and a law MA student at ICASAL (USAL)

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