Connecting with Patients for Translational Research (HEP Connect)

Monday 20 February, 10:00-12:00
Garrod Old Library

As part of our NIHR Research for patient benefit grant (Chief Investigator Dr Kennedy), we have outlined in our proposal to ensure maximal patient and public involvement. We aim to relay the importance of patient feedback to those in translational research and take advantage of opportunities such as ‘Gradfest’ is an excellent platform for this.

Involvement of our patients is always central to our research and improving patient clinical outcomes. An established dedicated young adult viral hepatitis service already exists at The Royal London; this is the largest of its kind in the UK. This clinic facilitates an easy transition from paediatric to adult services with familiar and dedicated carers. From previous questionnaire based feedback we have noted the unmet needs as noted by our patients, have centred around the lack of structured hospital clinic follow up. As part of our grant proposal we are aiming to focus on the unmet needs of our patients; engage and discuss issues with them leading to improvements in their clinical care.

Our research themes focus on:

  • Understanding the immune system’s response to hepatitis B infection
  • Improving the diagnostic tests we have to risk stratify patients. We are particularly interested in how quantifying hepatitis B surface antigen, a viral protein, can be used in clinical practice.
  • Testing novel ways to use existing treatments and testing new drugs in development.


In this informal event we aim to:


Give an outline of hepatitis B virus and how it causes disease.

  • Challenge the stigma related to blood borne viruses
  • Highlight the importance of involving patients in research
  • Describe the key questions that our research aims to address

Give an overview of our research in progress.

To book your place click here


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